Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for a Club Membership?

You can sign up at the wash in person, or fill out your information on our website.

When Will I be billed for my Club Membership?

 The day you sign up for your Club Membership will be your first day in the club. We will auto-draft your credit card on that same date each month as long as you are a member.

What happens if I get a new license plate or a new car?

Easy! Just come into the office at the wash and one of our customer service representatives will transfer your plan to reflect your new plate or vehicle.

Can I use my Club Membership on more than one vehicle?

 One Club Membership is specific to one vehicle. But, if you have multiple vehicles in your family, we offer discounts for memberships for second and third vehicles. And, if you are a dealership or fleet owner, we’ve got you covered too!

How do I cancel my Club Membership?

We would hate to lose you, but if you need to cancel for any reason, simply click here to request it on our manage membership form or come into the wash office. One of our managers on duty will help you cancel your plan.

What happens when I cancel my Club Membership?

 Your plan will run out on the last day of your billing cycle. You will be billed for the full month.